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Our Services

The solutions we offer our clients are the most practical ‘within reach’ affordable options open to them. You may only need one or two of them, you may need more. Get in touch to discuss how we can assist improving your business.

Website Design

Full website design, hosting and maintenance services based solely upon the WordPress platform including CMS implementation so you can service your clients professionally.

Virtual Webmasters

Our team of webmasters are at your disposal to ensure that your online presence is always in tip top condition providing a positive experience for your clients, night or day.

Business Consultancy

A ‘virtual’ hands on business consult which provides a deep inspection of your operating practices and ascertains your unique selling points and how these are portrayed to your clients.

Marketing Analysis

A complete report which provides unbiased insights into the experience which your client have whilst on your website. This analysis provides with information on how we can improve your online presence.

Design & Copy

We offer a full design service which includes logo creation, photo & video editing, plus the design solutions for creating product and business pdf’s and associated materials.

Email Marketing

Creating sales from existing clients is far easier than getting sales from new clients. A strong email marketing plan can increase your sales volumes without costing you a fortune.

Woo Commerce – (coming soon)

The ability to reach clients and make sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is an opportunity that stores should not be missing out on. Woo Commerce puts your products in front of your clients when THEY want to see them, not just when your store is open.

SEO Implementation

You have probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before and you may have even tried to do it. SEO is the key to generating a flow of ‘organic’ clients to your website without having to pay third-party advertisers such as Google, Facebook or Amazon etc.